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Craftsmen, Carpenters, General contractor, Carpentry & Builders

No matter what the job you need done, if it's construction related, Mike Cabingas and his team have got you covered. They've been in the business long enough to not only give you honest and helpful advice, but to make sure you stay in your budget and even find more cost-effective alternatives.

Phenomenal Project Managers

From Crafting Blueprints to Maui Project Manager Building Your Home!

  • Make Your Life Easier
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  • Saving Maui, Hawaii Money and Headaches!

    In on instance, a client wanted to build an extra room onto their house. They had Mike come in and do a survey, and found out it would actually be more cost effective to remodel and expand an unused room to meet their needs without the full construction costs they were planning on. That helps here in Maui, Hawaii!